What to pay attention to when purchasing seamless steel pipes

The key points and precautions for purchasing seamless steel pipes mainly include the following aspects:
Material selection: The material of seamless steel pipes should comply with national standards and is usually made of carbon steel, alloy steel and other materials. Seamless steel pipes of different materials have different performances in use, so the material should be selected according to actual needs.

1. Dimensional requirements: The dimensions of seamless steel tubes should comply with national standards, including outer diameter, wall thickness and other parameters. When purchasing, choose the appropriate size according to actual needs to avoid waste or inconvenience.
2. Surface quality: The surface quality of seamless steel tube should comply with national standards and should not have obvious cracks, bubbles, scars and other defects. When purchasing, carefully check the surface of seamless steel pipes to ensure reliable quality.
3. Manufacturer’s credibility: Choosing a manufacturer with good reputation and complete after-sales service can avoid many purchasing risks. Before purchasing, you should understand the manufacturer’s production capacity, quality control, after-sales service, etc., and confirm that the purchased seamless steel pipe is produced by a regular manufacturer and meets the quality requirements.

4. Dimensional deviation: When purchasing, you also need to pay attention to the dimensional deviation of seamless steel pipes. During the production process, the length, outer diameter and other dimensions of seamless steel pipes are prone to deviations. Therefore, the dimensions should be strictly controlled when purchasing to avoid quality problems caused by dimensional deviations.
5. Unqualified material: Finally, when purchasing, you need to pay attention to whether the material is qualified. The material of seamless steel pipe has a crucial impact on its use effect and lifespan. Seamless steel pipes produced by manufacturers with quality inspection certification and reliable production materials should be selected to avoid purchasing unqualified seamless steel pipes, which will affect the normal progress and use effects of the project.
6. Wall thickness uniformity: Wall thickness uniformity is an indicator that reflects the stability of seamless steel pipe during the production process. If the wall thickness is uneven, it will lead to inconsistent pipe strength and affect the safety of use. Therefore, when purchasing seamless steel pipes, pay attention to whether the wall thickness is uniform.
7. Pressure test: Conduct a pressure test on the selected steel seamless pipe to check whether it meets the design requirements and is safe to use. The pressure test includes strength test and sealing test, and must be performed in accordance with relevant regulations.
In addition, depending on the specific use environment and working conditions, there may be other matters that need attention. For example, some pipes need to be resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, wear, etc., and corresponding materials and processes need to be selected.

In summary, the key points and precautions for purchasing seamless steel pipes include material selection, dimensional requirements, surface quality, manufacturer credibility, dimensional deviation, unqualified material, wall thickness uniformity, pressure test and other requirements. When purchasing seamless steel pipes, these factors need to be fully considered to ensure that the appropriate product is purchased and meets the usage requirements.