Characteristics of precision steel pipes

Precision steel pipe is a kind of seamless steel pipe processed by cold drawing or cold rolling. The advantages and characteristics of precision steel tubes are as follows:

1. Light weight. Precision steel pipe is light in weight, its weight is only 1/5 of square steel.
2. Corrosion resistance. There is a layer of oil on the surface of the precision steel pipe to protect the pipe body, which has certain corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and good impact resistance and fatigue resistance. After oxygen-free annealing, the surface of the precision steel pipe is still bright inside and outside, and has excellent mechanical properties.
3. High tensile strength. The tensile strength of precision steel pipe is more than 8-10 times that of ordinary steel, the elastic modulus is better than steel, and it has excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and earthquake resistance.
4. Excellent mechanical properties. Precision steel pipes have excellent mechanical properties and are easy to machine.
5. No welding seams and can withstand greater pressure. Precision steel pipes mainly have no welding seams and can withstand greater pressure.

6. The inner and outer walls have high dimensional accuracy and save materials. The inner hole and outer wall dimensions of precision steel pipes have strict tolerances and roughness requirements. The inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipes have high smoothness. After simple processing, they are suitable for direct application to various mechanical parts, which greatly improves processing efficiency and reduces material loss.
7. Flexible customization, flexible minimum order quantity, and richer pipe diameter specifications. Precision steel pipes can be customized in various non-standard sizes, and the minimum order quantity requirements for products are low. 5T is the usual minimum order quantity, and 2-3T can also be customized according to needs. Smaller diameter 1T can also be ordered. The specifications can be produced from 4mm to 270mm. The tolerance can be controlled from plus or minus 0.02mm to plus or minus 0.2mm.
8. After cold working, the performance of the steel pipe is superior, the metal is denser, and the cross-sectional area of the steel pipe is more complex.
9. The product has high precision but the price is high. Cold-processed precision steel pipes have low output and high precision, and the corresponding market price is relatively high. When selecting materials, appropriate material selection can be made based on the product usage.