What is weathering steel plate?

Weather-resistant steel plate is a steel plate that is resistant to weather corrosion. The source is Corten steel plate in North America. It belongs to the low-alloy steel plate series and is a material between ordinary steel and stainless steel plates. Weather-resistant steel plate is made of ordinary Q235 series carbon steel with some copper and nickel anti-corrosion alloy elements added. Weather-resistant steel plate has unique characteristics such as strength, plasticity, shape, laser, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Its resistance to weather corrosion is two to eight times that of ordinary Q235 carbon steel, its coating corrosion resistance is two to ten times that of ordinary Q235 carbon steel, and it has strong rust resistance, making the products made with super Strong corrosion resistance extends life, can reduce thickness, save costs and labor, and requires no maintenance.

The reason why the weather-resistant steel plate is corrosion-resistant is that a small amount of anti-corrosion elements such as phosphorus, copper, nickel, and chromium are added to the weather-resistant steel plate, so that a dense rust layer with strong adhesion is formed between the steel plate and the surface layer. The rust layer is uniform and stable, naturally rusty red, and the rust layer is dense enough to isolate most of the moisture and oxygen, greatly reducing the corrosion rate and extending the service life when installed naked. It is an excellent material for retro landscaping.

Weathering steel plates usually have high strength, excellent plasticity, unique metallic luster and other properties. It has very distinctive features, is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, requires no daily maintenance, and can be perfectly mixed with various materials. Compared with stone materials, it is lighter and can reduce compliance, and the product has great ductility. It is particularly suitable for large-scale use in factories. High-precision processing of various machines makes installation more concise, greatly reducing the processing and installation period, and greatly reducing labor costs. Moreover, the recycling of weather-resistant steel plates is still very good. It is a very excellent environmentally friendly material. The unique texture, luster and effect of weather-resistant steel plates have become more retro and aged after the erosion of time. They are also attracting the attention of more and more designers and are widely used in various fields.